All the Missing Girls (BOOK REVIEW!!!) 5/5 stars!

Top read of the summer!

Top read of the summer!

I hate to compare books to other books as they aren’t similar, but as far as popularity and uniqueness goes – this is a Gone Girl. Now, with that said… don’t expect Gone Girl.. LOL. Expect it to be unique.  Here’s my full review:

How can someone do a mystery in reverse? I mean, I’m going to start out knowing the who-dun-it, and that sort of sucks, right?

NOPE! And this began my reading of an inventive, captivating top read of the summer. There’s a small town girl, living in a lonely world. Oh wait, that’s Journey. Sorry. But there IS a small town girl, Nicolette, who ditched her go-nowhere life in NC for the big city pace of Philadelphia where she has a fabulous fiancé (not born and raised in soft Detroit) with moolah and looks and he’s actually nice (this might be part fantasy). But you can’t run from your past as Nic learns when a second disappearance happens in her small town while she’s home prepping her childhood home to sell. The first disappearance happened ten years prior with one of Nic’s best friends, Corinne. Add an odd brother who acts peculiarly and a sexy studly ex who carries a torch for his lost love along with a father who incurred brain damage uttering warnings and odd phrases in moments of lucidity and sha-damn, I’m so IN! surprise

The best part about the book is the reverse plot line . Personally I don’t recall reading a mystery in this manner, certainly nothing that comes to mind (so if I did how good could it have been? Ya know?). I almost went back to read parts in chronological order when I finished the book just to see if it all still made sense (but I ain’t got time for that). It gave such an odd element to the twisting turning feeling expected of the genre and I found myself constantly thinking I missed something only to realize i hadn’t arrived there yet (and I just went cross-eyed).

Trust me, it’s a whirl that’s worth the spin. The characters were well written, the narration sharp, and of course the plot, a reading delight. Kinda like Mac-and-cheese good. The homemade kind that’s just browned and crusty on top and all gooey. Yeah, THAT good. maccheese
Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for the advanced copy in exchange for this honest review.

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