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It's tough being a princess, yo.

It’s tough being a princess, yo.

My favorite selfie!

My favorite selfie!

I’ve scrapbooked and crafted over 20 years, created  altered projects, upcycled, etc and dove into the “everything else” DIY pool a few years ago, namely antiquing – finding, researching, selling, etc. I copywrite and design for some of the biggest craft businesses in the industry as well as create projects for hire including weddings, showers, scrapbooks, gifts, etc. There is NOTHING better than well-made hand-crafted items to impress. I am a perfectionist by nature so none of my work is rushed, messy, or anything less than top notch creations. I’m also a crazy, avid reader and love to post my book reviews. Hey – one can be crafty AND a bibliophile 🙂 

  • Send me a swatch of your “colors” and I will meticulously match them and even provide different palette suggestions (color-matching is one of my faves!)
  • Send a photo of your baby blanket/decor (or a link to the set online) and I will match it – wooden names, decor designs, gifts, etc. (framed photos, collages, furniture, etc).
  • If you live in the Charlotte area and have a piece you’d like redone or research/sell your antiques. Send me a message with your contact information. I’ll happily help you pick colors and/or quote a price for refinish/repaints/antique work.

Get ready for some fun!

I’m Maggie K. – a teacher, reader, crafter, antique-bargain shopper and seller. Martha Stewart COMPLETE wanna-be (without the whole prison thing), DIY-er, and this is all on a dime because I’m NOT a SAHM with a rich husband and a nanny (if this is you, know that I’m completely jealous and would gladly move in with you or will be happy to be your new designer!) I have 2 mischievous dogs, Casey and Finnegan, who run around causing crazies while I attempt to work, but they don’t touch the merchandise as they know the pound is only 1/2 mile up the road (kidding!) I’m inspired by everything around me… that continuous question, “Can I do that?”, discovering some amazing projects through ingenuity and many, many internet and Pinterest searches. I’m a total perfectionist and put love into every piece I create or recreate. Feel free to contact me for any purchases or planning. I am located in the Charlotte, NC/Fort Mill, SC area but can ship items (not large furniture), make custom items, repair your items, etc. Many customers send photos or direct me to websites with their colors or baby rooms and I can easily match from there. If you’re local, I’m willing to meet with you for a design consultation for a nominal fee (or a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks).Think creative! Thanks for visiting!


  1. ScrappyMags says:

    Hi Jill! Sorry I’m so late in responding! Thanks so much for reading my blog – I love my reader friends. Sure I’d love to! Just know it might take me a little bit – I’m a little backed up with all the fall reviews, but I could in the next few weeks? I’ll email you directly! Thanks for thinking of me – Maggie.

  2. JILL DOBBE says:

    Hi Maggie, I found your blog through GR. I enjoyed reading your book reviews and am currently reading I Was Told to Come Alone. I am also a scrapper and a teacher. Actually, an intl school administrator. As an educator I was wondering if you would like to read and review my travel memoir, Kids, Camels, & Cairo, about my two years living in Cairo and working at a Muslim school. Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/Camels-Cairo-Tales-International-Educator-ebook/dp/B01GD5UH30/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501415505&sr=8-1&keywords=jill+dobbe
    I am happy to sen you a copy. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, Jill

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