Uh, oh. I Am Officially Spray Paint Slutty.

It figures. Just a few days after losing my spray paint virginity… bam, I’m slutting it up with everything in town. Namely… pumpkins. I read online somewhere that if you spray paint a pumpkin it will explode. I’m not sure about that, but if that happens, you’ll be the first to know, and see the pictures (why do I sorta WANT to see that happen?).

Ho. Ho. Ho.

Sweet innocent little pumpkins...

Sweet innocent little pumpkins…


Oh how sweet these pumpkins looked before I absolutely corrupted them. Fresh from the fields, orange, tiger-striped, tiny little punkins, waiting for a nice gourd to reside in, maybe a wicker basket of burlap and other root vegetables… and then…

and then…


It started innocently enough. I was DIY-ing my lamp from previous post and then I saw the gorgeous pumpkins and thought, “Why not?” I had 5 of them.

Corrupted Pumpkins

Corrupted Pumpkins

I didn’t MEAN to start a pumpkin gang bang.

(I know, sorry mom), but I couldn’t help myself!!! Though props to one of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster – she has me TOTALLY beat on this one. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I’m sick of orange, orange, orange. How about some spooky in this Halloween? I have to admit – the silver one was a BREEZE because I spray painted it (see yesterday’s post). Primed it first.. quick, one coat – done.

Then I became an idiot with the black and purple ones. I decided to try acrylic paint (the water-based kind that washes off?) Um.. not a good idea. While the cost of it is cheap:


$.59 at Michaels!

The problem is it took me oh about 8 coats of paint to complete each of these, and I still have little pieces of paint falling off. Granted, they are real pumpkins and they aren’t going to last past the season, and I suppose if you have the time and the foam brush then it’s worth it. Spray paint is definitely more expensive, but be prepared for coats and drying and coats and drying (repeat, repeat, repeat) if you go the cheaper acrylic route. I even tried to prime a pumpkin first – nope, didn’t help one bit.

To complete my centerpiece…

I should mention this amazing cake stand. Got it at World Market. If you have one near you, sign up for their member exclusive deals (and they do ship out of state!). They give reward dollars and $10 off coupons on your birthday (mine just past).  Retail price: $29.99. I don’t pay retail. So I waited until I saw they were 50% off and tada… had my $10.00 coupon. Gorgeous cake stand? $10.00.

Centerpiece looking better!

Centerpiece looking better!

Then this morning on an early run to Walgreen’s (don’t ask) I found some 50% off glitter pumpkins and spiders. Each pumpkin – $.50. The spiders – $1.50.

Gorgeous and creepy all at the same time!

Gorgeous and creepy all at the same time!






I’m thinking of adding maybe some candy corn or some eyeballs or something to scatter about the table, but total cost for centerpiece:

Fake pumpkins: $1.50

Real pumpkins: $2.95

Fake glitter spiders: $1.50

Acrylic Paint: used about $.50?

Cake stand: $10.00 and that’s a keeper so I don’t really count that.

Total cost:    $6.45

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