Werewolf? There wolf —> Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child book review

Scrappymags 3-word review: A little freaky

Genre: Mystery/horror, suspense

Shortest summary ever: Something is attacking wayward hikers in the Adirondack Mountains. Guess what is might be? Jeremy Logan, an “enigmologist” (my new career – someone who studies the unexplainable) happens to be in the area where his old college buddy works and thus is dragged into the fray. 

What’s good under the hood: I was adequately freaked out in places since I have hiked with my crazy-as-all-get-out hiker brother Don, so I could VIVIDLY bring some good gory scare in the woods to mind. Awesome. Between this and The Blair Witch I’ll never hike again. It’s also a pretty quick read, “fast thrills” as I call it which makes for an entertaining reading.

Light, breezy and thankfully not Twilight-cheesy.

Also must note I couldn’t get “Young Frankenstein out of my head”. I have an uncanny ability to remember lines from movies… 

What’s bad or made me mad: I have to groan at the title. What exactly is a full wolf moon? How does one go “full wolf”? As in, “I’m gonna go full wolf on yo’ ass??” (Hmm… on second thought…)

I originally rolled my eyes (hardcore) at the whole werewolf angle (damn you Jacob) but wound up being surprised by the scientific look at the topic through the lens of Jeremy.

It might be a tad predictable, but still written with solid pacing and surprise that attention is maintained.

Recommend to:

  • fans of Child won’t be let down t
  • hose who like a good werewolf/mythical beast book
  • “sciency” people (and those who appreciate sciency things like me)
  • those looking for a fun semi-scary read in the genre.

Don’t recommend to: those looking for literary prose or Psychological thrills. This is down-and-dirty-monsters-type thrills.

Thanks to NetGalley, Doubleday Books and Mr. Child for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review and for making me eye my beagles warily because you really never know…

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