NEW BOOK REVIEW: The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney 4.5/5 stars

girlbefore3 word review: Sexy, psychologically thrilling. A solid 4.5/5

Shortest summary ever: A house. A wealthy handsome architect. 2 women rent the house, one before (Emma) and one now (Jane), each with specific issues that bring them into the arms of this architectural wonder. We know from the start that Emma met tragedy in the house under strange circumstances. Strict rules govern whomever rents this house, but for these two women it offered an escape. A dream. Or perhaps a nightmare. Told in alternating viewpoints, the truth unfolds one nail-biting page at a time.

What’s good under the hood: I zipped through this book. It was enthralling with a hint of sexual intrigue (Cheshire grin).cheshire_grin I pictured a young Jude Law as architect Edward Monkford (God, he used to be soooo hot!) which might have made my visual uh… enactment in my head very uhhhh… vivid. It’s definitely in the Girl on the Train and Gone Girl genre, but obviously don’t expect the same story. Enough small twists and turns to keep you hooked and separate itself from others in the field.judelaw2

What was bad or made me mad: I don’t think this book should be compared to 50 Shades of Grey. Um… no. But it does have a bit of cheesy dominance moments. I only took off 1/2 a star for that because calling your lover “daddy” is just ewww and never ever ever sexy, IMO. And P.S.. I’m not a 50 Shades fan.

Perhaps the most intriguing part was how the author gave “life” to the house, making the house seem almost like another character.

Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Ballantine for an ARC in exchange for this honest review and for the sleep deprivation.

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