BOOK REVIEW: Hag-seed by Margaret Atwood – 5/5 stars!

hagseedScrappymags 3 word review: Sensational Shakespearean fun!

As an English teacher I adored this!!! And here’s a sad admission – I had never heard of Hogarth Shakespeare! For others in the same position, it’s basically retellings of Shakespeare works by today’s top writers. From other reviews I’ve read – this is one of the best. Now I’ll be spoiled because this was fantastic!

What’s good under the hood: Easy to read, quick, fun themes that relate to everyone. Great setting and characters – a prison, a jilted ex-art director named Felix who is so intricate – someone who has suffered yet somehow turned from a veritable force to a laughable farce encountering a redemption in an unlikely locale – prison. Anyone who has suffered injustice can relate. I’ve never read the Tempest (shame!) and was able to follow this easily. I love revenge themes!shakes1

What’s bad or made me mad: Honestly? One small thing – the rapping of Shakespeare. It’s become cliche’ in the teaching world. Granted, it seemed to be good rapping, but ugh. Other than that, it’s darn near perfection.

All of the characters in prison are the best part – while they aren’t overly developed, their personalities grow steadily throughout the novel. Felix is a flawed character with pinache’ and Shakespeare would be proud. Big up thanks to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.


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