WTF Book Covers

I adore the app Litsy (on your phone!) – it’s for book nerds like me (hopefully you), basically a social network “Twitter-ish” place to post quick blurbs, reviews, etc and participate in photo challenges, reading groups, etc. Today’s photo challenge was exceptional which was the “Ugly Cover.” And I knew JUST the book. I couldn’t remember the name of it, but I recall it had a floating baby head on the cover. Yes, a FLOATING BABY HEAD. It was in a box of free books when I was a kid (maybe 5 or 6) and I remember it scared THE SHIT outta me.

property of

property of

So I begin with a search for “floating baby heads book cover” and the drop down menu, as expected is quite disturbing. Apparently the childrens’ show Phineas and Ferb has floating baby heads? Also, they appear to be a Chinese delicacy, and they come in several varieties including giant and those with lumps.

Perhaps more disturbing is I find what I seek a mere click down the page. Did I not warn you about the YIKES factor? Here is the WORST book cover ever:

floatingbabyheadWhat part of WTF did you NOT understand??? OMG, this is terrifying and now that I’ve found it, let alone blogged about it, it is nailed into the annals of history on the internet.




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