Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (5/5 Star Book Review!!)

Dark MatterScrappyMags Three-word review: “What. The. _____”



I’d like to insert a major jaw-drop here and will be sending Botox injection bills to author Blake Crouch (all that face stretching you see? YOUR FAULT!). I must begin with this snob statement: I don’t “do” Sci-fi, lovey.

I’m not attracted to it (swipe left!) though I’ve tried so many times. I’m the (old) George Clooney of sci-fi. We’ve flirted, but I can’t quite commit just yet. Ah, but like Clooney, times have changed. I can proudly say I have officially, fully nerded-out latched onto yet another Sci-fi book (throwing up the Vulcan V for The true playas in da’ house!!!



Too far? Dang… I tried).

Hang with this book ya’ll. If you are “sciencey” (which I am not because I used the word “sciencey” for cripes sake) you’ll likely adore this and understand more of the physics than I did. If you aren’t, you will still adore it equally, however you might go cross-eyed trying to work it all out (more medical bills for Mr. Crouch).

There’s this physicist Jason Dessen with a happy life, happy wife, happy kid who ventures out for a quick drink with a buddy during family night and then wakes up on a gurney, in a hospital. He remembers being kidnapped and waking up, but something is eerily wrong and extraordinarily weird. What people know about Jason is not what HE knows or remembers about his life. So who is he? What happened? Where is his family? And the biggest existential question, “Who am I?”



And now you’re on the reader roller coaster and there is no getting off. But you love it. Then you hate it. You might drop your E-reader so strap yourself in. You might throw up (I mean, only if you take this book on a REAL rollercoaster, but still). I said “oh ____” at least 15 times, which if you read my reviews is a TOTAL compliment. Crouch shocked me and I’m thrilled to hear this will be made into a movie (more please!! Less remakes!) Though if they cast Tom Cruise? I’m going to arm myself with ampules galore and a sciencey box of my own (read the book, you’ll get it).

Recommended for: Sci-fi fans, action movie fans, those who love fast-paced thrillers. Those who flirt with sci-fi but can’t commit like me. Those who saw this on a best-seller list and wanted to know what the fuss was about.

Thanks to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review and for keeping me looking around for weird boxes the entire time I played Pokémon Go.

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