The Useful Book – Must have for new DIYers (BOOK REVIEW!)

usefulI sooo wish I had this book when I first started DIY-ing. Such simple great instructions in an easy to follow format!  A must-have for any new DIY devotee.

People know me as ScrappyMags – a DIY expert. I can refinish a table faster than a speeding bullet. I can wood fill and repair dog-eaten furniture legs in a single bound. But I will confess something embarrassing: My name is Maggie and I am a self-proclaimed moron when it comes to many home-ec topics (Hello Maggie!).

Case in point: I’ve called my mother no less than 10 times in the past year or so to remind me how to hard-boil eggs. Every. Single. Time. My mom? Knows EVERYTHING!eggs However, something sad occurred to me – I won’t always have mom. And darn it – I’m an independent woman (Destiny’s Child strong!) so I should be able to complete these simple tasks sans help. There’s some mysterious reason my pea-sized brain isn’t retaining this information (I blame Twitter and the Kardashian garbage stuck in there, kinda’ like the same phenomenon that allows me to reminder every line from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off).

The table of contents in The Useful Book in genius and easy to follow based on general topics (Cooking, Sewing, Domestic Repair, etc.) so it’s easy to find what you’re searching for. Then, each section begins with helpful hints, i.e. the ubiquitous “how to” moniker, from boiling water to washing laundry to performing more advanced mechanical repairs. The cooking section includes a list of kitchen staples and a description of different pots/pans, etc. Trust me, I didn’t know what a “Dutch oven” was until I was almost 40, so this can be incredibly helpful to laymen.

This book is a MUST BUY for:

  1. Those moving into their first place after college or high school. Trust me parents, you will save TONS of phone calls and random texts messages!
  2. Divorcees or widows/widowers who find themselves cooking, taking care of everything for the first time in a long time.
  3. When my parents retired, it was a massive adjustment, particularly as they come from a generation where women did most of the household chores. But as my mom had to define to my dad, she didn’t retire to sit home and wait him (you go girl). Dad had to learn the performance of some simple tasks around the house to help out. Curmudgeon is a word that comes to mind. However, he now has “jobs” and it’s good for him. He adjusted.
  4. Anyone living solo or with a mate who doesn’t have a handy bone in his/her body. I live solo – this book can be a lifesaver (and money saver) as it shows many simple activities that CAN be completely, easily and with clear directions. Being non-spatially minded, I COMPLETELY applaud this book’s efforts. I see many wrench-clutching happy dances in my living room in the near future.husband

Take the “duh” out of “duh-know-how” and buy this book. Save yourselves. Save a loved one. Save the   power level on your phone and useless text messages that cause thumb pain. Now I have to leave as I have a bathtub to caulk, and thankfully a book that explains, simply (THANK YOU), how to do it.


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